Sunday, 3 January 2010

the offended of tunbridge wells

Location saffron Walden north west essex

I pour gallons of over the s b , which makes the b s , my wife stays pals with the model little knowing I c over those big b she mocks every week, in noisy passionate s sessions

I get into the lane and see the dark haired v in terrible rain shower, she is screaming, I run over with my umbrella, get in I say the virgin gets in I run with the dainty heavy topped b we get in the b says oh these clothes are drenched I might get hyop help get them off her hands are shive , I help get them AL off, I help r my b , carry me upstairs and r my body I rub the big b body she still wears li , no all off, I pull the b b off now the b , there the g I lick away the gi hystericallly my hero for saving I from the rain you will, next I h the b all weekend, lic away at those bi he b as her hero, followed hum long noisy hum ses , of or , this begins a long af ,

We joke you saved me to save me getting wet but you just got me wetter,